Just before the mid-term break, Governor's Meadow Lower Primary School celebrated Love and Kindness Week.

Pupils focused on three of the school's core values; love, kindness and gratitude. All pupils have engaged in a wide range of activities that focused on appreciation and reflecting on how fortunate we all are. 

  • Reception pupils have spread love amongst members of the local community who help and support them. They distributed cards and handprinted flowers which put a huge smile on people’s faces.
  • Year 1 pupils spread love, kindness and cheer at Casemates by kindly gifting beautiful tokens to members of the general public who received these with great delight. They also gifted gratitude cards to the auxiliary staff at school who help to ensure the smooth running of the school.
  • Year 2 pupils were warmly received by those at Waterport Terraces Day Centre who thoroughly enjoyed their singing and kindly gifted pupils a gratitude token. 
  • Nursery pupils are eagerly awaiting a visit from the Fire Brigade so they can express their gratitude.