Government has said it is aware that a scoping exercise regarding potential transfers of Service Users to the new facilities at Rooke site has been undertaken by the Elderly Residential Services at the behest of the Gibraltar Health Authority’s Director General, to understand resourcing implications of said transfers.

'No offers to move have been made to any residents as the Gibraltar Health Authority is simply gathering information at this stage.'

'This is not the formal request that Service Users or their families will be in receipt of once the developers have completed the site and have advised the Government that it may proceed with the next step of the Rooke site project. The Government will make further announcements at that stage.'

The Government has stated in Parliament and through Press Releases that the decision for Service Users to transfer from Mount Alvernia to the Rooke Site remains with Service Users and their families.

Consequently, service provision will remain to meet the needs of non-transferring Service Users as presently offered.

Government also said that further answers are subject to Parliamentary questions and as such will be addressed at the next session of Parliament.