With less than a week left for the Abortion referendum the ‘vote yes’ campaign calls on the Government of Gibraltar and the Referendum Administrator 'to take a stand on the extreme inaccuracies propagated by the No campaign especially with regard to issues such as ‘abortion on demand up to 9 months’.'

The campaign maintains that this misinformation and medical inaccuracies are threatening to distort an already highly emotive campaign by playing on people's fears and insecurities about the Act.

'The Crimes Amendment Act that is being put to referendum has already passed in parliament and the rhetoric that is being used by the No campaign is harmful and damages the integrity of both our healthcare professionals and the Gibraltar Parliament ' explains a spokesperson for the Yes campaign. 'Although the Yes campaign appreciates that the Government and the Gibraltar Health Authority need to maintain a certain detachment from the debate in order not to influence the outcome of this campaign it should not tolerate this level of misinformation being relayed to the public as if it were medical truths. It is essential for accurate evidence-based medical knowledge to be put into the public domain for the people to make a truly informed decision about this fundamental healthcare and humanitarian right.'