A cultural art exchange between the Government of Gibraltar and Diputación de Cadiz will open at the ‘Palacio de la Diputación Provincial de Cadiz’ next week on Tuesday 29th January 2019 and will run until the 8th March 2019.

The project, ‘Easterly Winds’, is led and curated by Magda Bellotti with Gibraltar Cultural Services overseeing the exchange on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar. Seventeen local artists have been selected to present their works. They include:

• Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga

• Paul Cosquieri

• Nina Danino

• Ermelinda Duarte

• Lizanne Figueras

• Vera Francis

• Ana Garcia

• Francis Gomila

• Patrizia Imossi

• Naomi Martinez

• Alex Menez

• Pat Naldi

• Alan Perez

• Diego Porral

• Aaron Soleci

• Christopher Tavares

• Neville Zammit

The second phase of the project will see an exhibition by artists from Cadiz at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery, officially opening on Tuesday 12th March 2019.