The Government of Gibraltar have reacted to an article in the Times of Malta in relation to Bet365, which they claim contains 'several important and material inaccuracies.'

Govt also said that 'Bet365 has confirmed to us that it plans no reductions in the size of its Gibraltar workforce.'

Gibraltar's Minister for Gambling, Albert Isola said "We have a high degree of confidence that there will be positive outcome for Gibraltar companies as the Brexit negotiations progress. We nonetheless understand that business needs certainty and has to manage risk. There is no single risk management solution here as the issues are complex. That is why we are working with operators and with other jurisdictions to establish the best overall regulatory framework in which to do business. Bet365 have confirmed directly to us that they remain totally committed to Gibraltar and the entirety of it's workforce here. They are not leaving Gibraltar by any stretch of the imagination. Neither are they having to choose between us and Malta. What remains true is that Gibraltar remains the jurisdiction of choice for the most reputable gaming companies in the world. Brexit isn't going to change that."