The Gibraltar Cultural Services as part of its cultural development programme have announced a Poetry Slam to be held at the Central Hall on Saturday 3rd of March, offering workshops lead by local poet Jonathan Teuma and Tanya Santini for different age groups.

The event is open to all those who like word play and a bit of stage action.
A Poetry Slam is a live poetry event where participants have three minutes to create their original poem(s). 
Whether there's an injustice you want to rant about, a love you must express or someone/thing you want to poke fun at, sign up, come along and take the plunge! 
Workshops on the day will give participants an introduction to poem writing and reciting techniques all within the warmth and safety environment of their respective workshop groups.  
Workshops are free and will run as follows:         

• 10am to 11am                  10 to 12 year olds

• 11am to 12:30pm             13 to 15 year olds

• 1:30pm to 3pm                16 to 18 year olds

• 3pm to 4:30pm                18+   
 For further information and registration please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.