On Thursday evening members of the youth clubs were treated to an educational presentation on the Hijab delivered by Nadia Esserti (Local ambassador for World Hijab Day).

'As World Hijab Day Ambassador for Gibraltar I am extremely humbled by the eagerness to learn from children and adults who attended our event. My aim was to bring awareness and to educate and I feel like this was achieved - Looking forward to next year!’ said Nadia.

The evening saw a coming together of different faiths participating and appreciating a deeper understanding of the right Muslim women have to choose to wear the Hijab. It culminated with everyone enjoying each other’s company around a long table of Moroccan food.

The Gibraltar Youth Service have said it continues to work on inclusiveness, aiming to celebrate and strengthen diversity as an important issue for young people. The GYS aims to bring together all cultures and ethnic groups to breakdown racism and misunderstanding of each other.

The Gibraltar Youth Service would like to thank Nadia Esserti for organising this wonderful experience and her friend, Zohra El Gharbaoui, for preparing the food.