HM Customs Enforcement Land and Marine Sections have been carrying out regular patrols in order to identify and curtail any illegal activities with our coastlines, territorial waters and entry points.

As a result of this there have been various incidents which have resulted in arrests and the seizure of Class A drugs, commercial quantities of cigarettes and vessels used in the transportation of these together with the interception of illegal immigrants within our waters.

On the 23rd January 2018 at around 20.00hrs a foreign registered vehicle was identified entering Waterport Road area, which was suspected to be involved in illicit tobacco activity. The vehicle was challenged by Customs Officers and found to contain 250 cartons of cigarettes. The two men were arrested for tobacco related offences and the cigarettes and the vehicle detained.

On the 24th January 2018 at around 22.30 hrs both HM Customs Marine Section and RGP Marine Section received information of a suspect RHIB within BGTW. Both agencies deployed their vessels and the suspect RHIB was identified by HMC Searcher at about 2.5 Nautical Miles off Europa Point. The eight occupants were detained and conveyed to RGP Marine base where they were subsequently dealt with on suspicion of being illegal immigrants.

That same day officers of the Customs Flexible Anti Smuggling Team working at the frontier arrested a local 41 year old individual who was found to be in possession of approximately 7 grams of cocaine which he had stuffed in his anal cavity. Investigations into this matter continue.

In the early hours of the 25th January a small RHIB was identified in the area of Emersons Place, Waterport, which was suspected to be involved in illegal activities. The RHIB was seen to leave the area loaded up with what appeared to be tobacco cases and was given chase by the customs launch. The occupants jumped overboard and made good their escape by climbing up the Spanish groyne. The vessel was retrieved and found to contain 12 master cases with a total of 600 cartons of cigarettes. Both the cigarettes and RHIB were seized.