The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has issued a public consultation on Mobile Infrastructure Sharing in Gibraltar.

The sharing of mobile network infrastructure is an established feature of many European mobile markets. Mobile infrastructure sharing describes the process by which mobile operators share infrastructure to deliver mobile services to customers.

In order to ensure full transparency for all market players, the GRA has decided to publish this document to clarify the main concepts associated with mobile infrastructure sharing, its advantages and disadvantages and consult with industry to find out whether the GRA can assist local mobile operators achieve their objectives.

In appropriate circumstances, and subject to market context, where mobile operators comply with electronic communications legislation, network sharing agreements can bring benefits to customers. The objective, therefore, is to facilitate the enhancement of mobile connectivity, whilst promoting competition and protecting consumers.

The public consultation proposes the imposition of General Conditions under the Communications Act 2006 on mobile operators to share mobile network infrastructure.

The public consultation is available on the GRA website.

The GRA says it welcomes comments from all interested parties on the questions posed in this public consultation. Written comments will be accepted no later than 24th March 2020.