The Minister for Justice and Equality has started the consultation process in relation to Parental Alienation which was announced last November in connection with International Men’s Day.

The process has commenced with the first meeting yesterday with Mr David Gallardo who was also representing the group Forgotten Fathers.

There has been great interest received by the Ministry for Equality from not just fathers, but also mothers and grandparents who have been directly affected by what they consider to be parental alienation. A spokesperson for the Ministry said that their willingness to form part of this consultation process is much appreciated and they are confident that the process will continue to give rise to positive constructive suggestions.

Due to the high volume of interest received, it is envisaged that the consultation process with individuals may last well into March. The Department of Equality is still scheduling meetings and will get in touch with those who have not yet been contacted soon.

The Minister for Justice and Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento, MP, said: “My team and I have already met with a number of people and we have all been very moved by what we have heard. I wholeheartedly thank everyone who has reached out to speak to me about this issue. The consultation process will be lengthy given the high number of parents who have contacted the Ministry of Equality. It may also be the first time, for many parents to openly express their views on such a sensitive and personal matter, but we are confident that the objectives will be put forward in a clear and precise manner.