The Chief Minister paid a visit to St Mary’s School, just a few steps away from his office in No6 Convent Place.

The purpose of Mr Picardo’s visit was to take part in the school’s humanities curriculum in which Year 2 children looked at past and present Chief Ministers. Using the recent general elections as their springboard, Year 2 discussed the mechanisms of an election, the role of the electorate in electing our Government and responsible citizenship.

Children had already learned about the ways in which Governments serve their communities and discussed why voting is important. They were given the chance to look through all the different party manifestos, before creating their own manifesto commitments for a 'school election' and they also discussed the reasons behind their ideas and the way in which they had voted.

The children were also encouraged to think about what made a good leader. They cast a wide net looking at leaders around the world before focusing on Gibraltar's Chief Ministers. They then incorporated local history by looking back at past Chief Ministers and creating a timeline display of Chief Ministers using a range of media. The children also used iPads to create fact books about the Gibraltar’s past Chief Ministers.

Most important, the children had the opportunity to question the Chief Minister directly during his visit to the school. And, after the Chief Minister’s visit to their school, Year 2 children then visited Number 6 Convent Place.