The GHA have reacted to the statement issued by Unite with reference to the Nursing Assistant vacancies.

"Vacancies for Nursing Assistant posts within the GHA and ERS have been advertised internally and externally. Therefore, the GHA has not deprived anyone from being able to apply for these vacancies.

Further, the contracts issued by the GHA are always subject to a probationary period. In addition, the wording of the advert is identical to all other past GHA adverts in respect of the requirement of eligibility for residency. Unite is fully aware that all past adverts issued since 2003 have contained an identical paragraph.

The GHA met Unite yesterday afternoon in order to once again clarify any misunderstanding on the vacancies and agreed with Unite the wording on the vacancy in relation to the probationary period.

The GHA is, therefore, extremely surprised to read Unite’s comments suggesting that individuals have been deprived from applying, or that there is no pathway to permanent employment."