The Government has advertised the sale of over 250 parking spaces under Notre Dame/St Anne’s Schools and the new Comprehensive Schools.

"There will be 100 spaces under the former and 158 under the latter" explains a statement released earlier today.

The spaces are for the parking of single personal registered vehicles and preference will be given to applicants who are resident in closest proximity to the relevant site.

The cost per space is being advertised as £ 29,990 and this will be made available to successful applicants on a 99 year lease.

The spaces will become available when the new school projects have been completed.

The Minister responsible for Traffic Paul Balban said:

I am delighted to announce that over 250 car parking spaces will be available for sale to members of the public. The location of the new St Anne’s and Notre Dame Schools is in close proximity to large residential areas like Glacis Estate and Laguna Estate, as well as other developments along Glacis Road. The new comprehensive schools are very close to Mons Calpe Mews, Montagu Gardens, Varyl Begg Estate and other residential areas. This will provide an opportunity for residents of these areas to purchase their own spaces and in this way contribute to the overall plan for residential parking in Gibraltar.

The Opposition, however, are calling on Government to reconsider the sale of parkings beneath our schools. In their statement, the GSD feel [this move is] '...a blatant grab for cash and instead offer them for rental. Only the very wealthy could afford the asking prices whereas by offering spaces for rental, much can be done to alleviate the parking problems in the town area created by this Government’s misguided policies.'

Trevor Hammond, GSD transport spokesman had this to say;

 “Its incredible that a so called socialist government should so blatantly be profiteering from the community and it’s another indication of just how desperate the public finances are. The Government has first created a parking problem in town and is now seeking to make millions out of it at the expense of the people. First the Government failed to deliver the promised two stories of parking under Commonwealth Park, then they built the monstrous midtown parking which might have provided adequate facilities in the town area but instead Government sold half of the spaces off, in one instance, ten spaces to one entity. Having denuded town of parking they went further and introduced zonal parking, creating a further shortage for those needing to access town from out of town and now they take advantage of this lack of supply in a most underhand way and again, only to help the wealthy. After all, who has a spare £30,000 for a parking space?

"The fact is that once these parking spaces are sold, they will severely curtail the opportunity for future Governments to expand the school in the future.

"Government has lost its way entirely, ministers have become so arrogant that they are no longer interested in the fundamental needs of the community as a whole but only those of the rich. The spaces should be rented at reasonable prices to reduce the current parking dilemma faced by so many