The new Notre Dame School at Laguna will open its doors to the children of the north district community next week.

Visits by teachers and familiarisation by the children will take place during the course of this week, with special attention given to transitioning the Learning Support Facility children gradually as they move in to their specially designed area.

The teachers will have been hard at work as from today in familiarising themselves with the new facilities, including assembly area, and fire and emergency evacuation plans.

As the school is active, there are items, including furniture, equipment and other learning material that will need to be moved to the new premises. These will need to be transferred in advance of opening, but this cannot be done with the school in session. For this reason, in full consultation with the Head and teachers, and to allow the teachers the time they need to prepare the classrooms, specialist areas, library, etc., the school will be closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, and will re-open fully at its new premises on Thursday 4th October.

Parents, grandparents and members of the teaching profession are invited to visit the new school for tours of the premises on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th October. Details of these visits will be provided later.

The school includes spacious classrooms and play areas, including toilet facilities near to the classrooms, water fountains, and induction loops for hearing impaired children.

Minister for Education John Cortes said, “First of all I must thank the teachers for the way in which they have responded and welcomed the new facilities. They are excited, as am I, with the move. They will be working hard to get their part of the move ready, so that the children are welcomed into a fully operational school. The facilities in this school are without doubt the best possible, and set the standard both for the other new schools, and for improvements in those that are not going to be re-built. It will have been well worth the wait and the inconvenience that construction and transition always brings.”