The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo left for Liverpool today where he will host the traditional Gibraltar Reception during the Labour Party conference.

This will provide an opportunity to update leadership of the party, MPs, MEPS and delegates on the latest political developments in Gibraltar as we prepare to leave the European Union.

Mr Picardo will also be joined in London by the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia for a number of meetings with UK Government officials and Ministers. This comes at a time when Gibraltar is preparing for every eventuality of Brexit by continuing with two parallel workstreams for a UK-EU deal, on the one hand, and for a no-deal situation on the other.

The Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister will be joined by the Attorney General Michael Llamas and the Financial Secretary Albert Mena for the meetings in London.

In the absence of Mr Picardo and Dr Garcia, the Minister for Education and the Environment Dr John Cortes will act as Chief Minister until Wednesday.