Residents of Mount Alvernia were yesterday treated to a special National Day Lunch, to mark fifty years since the 1967 Referendum.

The home for the elderly had been brightly decorated in bold red and whites. Balconies were dressed with the Union Jack and Gibraltar flags, and the Hall and Dining Area were garnished with bunting, table top balloons, and an added touch of special castle & key printed napkins. The Mount Alvernia Orchestra provided the residents with a great number of live nostalgic tunes, without a doubt helping create the lively and cheerful atmosphere, and the many smiles that could be seen on their faces, with some of the more able residents being whisked away to the dance floor.

It was obvious this celebration was close to their hearts, as some of them reminisced on that joyous and proud day, and others werre able to recognise familiar faces they spotted on photographs used for the big display in the Hall.

The Friends of Mount Alvernia Group, together with the staff at Mount Alvernia, played a big role in making this day such a special one for the generation we owe so much to.