Letters to The Editor

Our Movement is pleased to have read about the submission by HMGOG, to the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC), its assessment of the dangerous situation should Britain vote in the coming Referendum of leaving the EU.

We agree with HMGOG in its concern but would have liked to have read also that not only should the UK ‘protect and defend’ Gibraltar should Brexit be the result, but we hope that HMGOG has already got assurances from Britain to SUSTAIN AND SUPPORT the economy of Gibraltar just as was guaranteed when the border closed in 1969.

In the event that Gibraltar should find itself out of Europe after the Referendum, it will not be of its own doing or choosing, it has come about by a decision of the British Government of putting the question to the British people. 

If the effect of leaving the EU is as dramatic as it has been spelled out to FAC we hope and repeat that at the same time HMGOG has sought assurances from FAC and the relevant Minister to also SUSTAIN AND SUPPORT our economy.


Joe Caruana MBE,

Chairman (For the Committee)

Gibraltar in Westminster Movement