The UK ‘Convicted for Love Campaign’, headed by Union and LGBT activist Terry Stewart in London and Felix Alvarez, Equality Rights Group Chairman in Gibraltar, have teamed up to jointly carry their demands for official pardons in respect of gay men convicted both in the UK and in Gibraltar under outdated laws which criminalised consenting gay relations between adults prior to partial decriminalisation in both territories.

In a letter to Alvarez, Mr Stewart acknowledges ERG’s important initiative on the Campaign in Gibraltar and for which he expresses his thanks, adding also ‘Thank you for accepting my request for your organisation to lead in Gibraltar’.

In a statement, ERG said it 'has responded to the Campaign’s request without hesitation and solidarity, continuing our efforts to redoubling the strengthening of civil society in both locations.'

Mr Stewart and I both understand not only the importance of clearing a historical slate from the records of people (living or now passed away) who were wrongly and cruelly treated by Society in their day, but also in emphasising the importance of solidarity between different parts of civil society. And Unite the Union, whether in the UK or in Gibraltar are vital elements in this overall picture.'

For his part, Felix Alvarez, ERG Chairman, said that "it is particularly satisfying to know that the representations ERG has made to the British Government has had such a positive impact on the UK Campaign. By extending Mr Stewart’s UK initiative to Gibraltar, not only have we brought to the fore our own concerns for Gibraltarian people in this respect, but also the need for all of us to stand together, united against injustice."

ERG have said it is especially pleased also to observe not only the Chief Minister’s early support on this question, but also Gibraltar Unite’s long-standing solidarity with their Organisation, which ERG looks forward to fraternally developing with its new Equalities Committee.

'Whenever we come together as a society to promote human and civil rights for all, it’s a win-win; not only do we move with strength but also with feeling. ERG will continue to press for rights across Gibraltar as we continue in our work." Mr. Alvarez ended.