Government have said it notes the judgement delivered by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the action brought by the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association against the UK's point of consumption tax on online gaming services. HMGoG intervened in that case to support the GBGA.

In its judgement, the European Court has found that Gibraltar and the U.K. both form part of a single Member State for the purposes of EU law. Although, in normal circumstances, HMGoG would have been disappointed with such a ruling, as a result of Brexit and the commitments already made by the UK Government to Gibraltar in relation to access to the UK market, HMGoG does not consider that the judgment will have any significant effect, whether on the online gaming sector or more generally.

Indeed, the judgement may provide a different, and strengthened, perspective on Gibraltar's position in the Brexit negotiations, as part of the same UK single market for the purposes of EU Law.