Govt have announced that it has purchased an extensive collection of Gibraltar artwork and other artefacts which were offered for public sale by the liquidators of the collapsed law firm Marrache & Co.


The collection consists of over 100 works of art including paintings and drawings by Jacob Azagury, Gustavo Bacarisas, and Leni Mifsud. In addition, there are well over 100 photographs, certificates, letters, books, prints, and even cannonballs, in the collection.

The Government paid a total of £200,000 for these items.

Gibraltar Cultural Services will arrange for the artworks to be displayed soon. Documents such as certificates, prints, books, etc, are already being stored by the Gibraltar National Archives and the Garrison Library and will soon be available for the use of researchers and historians.

The Chief Minister said, ‘I am delighted that future generations of Gibraltarians will benefit from our acquisition of this historic collection. It was important that we kept it all together and, even more important, that we kept it where it belongs, right here in Gibraltar.’