In line with recent announcements, the Ministry of Business and Employment yesterday organised workshops for prospective candidates for security guard vacancies. These workshops are part of the new employment strategy’s focused drive to reduce unemployment in Gibraltar. The vacancies in question are in relation to posts for private companies that are Government Approved Contractors.

The Ministry of Business and Employment organised two workshops and invited a total of 80 candidates for yesterday's workshops, which the Employment Careers Service is delivering. The aim of these seminars is to prepare each candidate as well as possible for their respective interview. Candidates were being given guidance on various aspects of the interview, including information on what the job entails. Mock interviews will also be undertaken.

These workshops will continue to be offered to those applicants who are registered unemployed with the Department of Employment and who are suitable and interested in vacant posts with Approved Contractors of Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar.

The Minister for Business and Employment, the Hon Neil F. Costa MP said: “It is very gratifying to see people, who are genuinely interested in obtaining employment, to do their bit by attending these workshops to prepare themselves for their respective interviews. It is also, without a doubt, extremely important to me as a Minister, but also, as an individual, to do everything in my power to find employment to all those who are registered unemployed. I must also add that I am truly grateful for the hard work of my staff."