The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has recorded a video message for the people of Gibraltar.

The Video can be found in the Gibraltar Stronger IN Europe Facebook page.

Transcript of the message below:

"I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to make the speech that I planned in Gibraltar. I know you all understand the very good reasons why, but I wanted to come to Gibraltar not least because you haven’t had a visit from a British Prime Minister since 1967 when I was just 1 year old, and there are things that I wanted to say.

First of all I wanted to say I have always stood up for Gibraltar and I always will. As the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, that is my guarantee to you.

The second thing I wanted to say is how much I admire what you have achieved in Gibraltar over these last years. You’ve taken an economy that was dominated by the Ministry Of Defence and spending and turned it into one of the most vibrant and successful in Europe and I admire that.

But I also want to come to talk about this vital European Referendum. I know how strongly you feel about it in Gibraltar because you know that  t’s so crucial to your continued economic success, security and prosperity and I wanted to say I understand that and I believe it’s so vital for Britain too. I believe we’ll be stronger, we’ll be safer, we’ll be better off if we stay and I think the economic reasons that you believe in so strongly are economic reasons that we should believe in strongly in the United Kingdom too.

I wanted to come to Gibraltar and make the speech in Gibraltar because it should remind Britain of our wider responsibilities, our wider role in making this argument. I believe the key to this referendum is the word ‘’together’’ because frankly, together we will always be safer.  We’ll be better at fighting terrorism, we’ll be more able together to create jobs and opportunities for our children and grandchildren. Ours is a positive case about Britain’s future in Europe and Gibraltar’s future in Europe too.

I will come back, one day and make, maybe not that speech, and make another speech instead, because I do admire what you have done. I’m proud of Gibraltar. I’m proud of what you are and I want to make sure we keep Britain and we keep Gibraltar inside a reformed European Union. Thank you."

UK Prime Minister David Cameron