The GSLY says it has welcomed the announcement made this week that a new youth wing has been created by TG.

The GSLY, as the most established and largest youth section in Gibraltar Politics, says it looks forward to being able to set politics aside and work with TG Youth, GSD Youth and Gibraltar Liberal Youth to organise important charitable events to the benefit of our entire community. Further, the GSLY also said it looks forward to organising events and engaging young people to voice their opinions on important matters, through political debates between the different youth sections.

A spokesperson for the youth section said that the GSLY has always campaigned to get more young people involved in local politics and is proud to have been able to help hundreds of young people over the last forty years on a plethora of issues. 'In addition, the Chairperson of the Section, a role which is up for re-election every two years, takes up a place in the GSLP’s Executive and as such, a member of the GSLY has, and always will have, a say in the policy formulated by the GSLP.'

'Through its students’ wing, the GSLY has also campaigned to put those matters that affect students at the forefront of the agenda. It is proud to have spearheaded numerous initiatives over the last few years, including campaigning on increasing the maintenance grant, solving a wide array of personal problems students have faced and even helping to ensure that students were not stranded in the UK or on diverted flights during the first lockdown.'

Samuel Marrache, Chair of the GSLY said, “The GSLY strongly welcomes the creation of another youth section of a political party here in Gibraltar. Getting young people involved in politics and demonstrating how they can make changes to our hometown has always been a top priority of the GSLY. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to congratulate both Kayley and Mark for spearheading the creation of this new youth section. I speak for the entire GSLY when I say that we thoroughly look forward to working with them, and the other existing youth sections, for the benefit of Gibraltar’s youth.

I will be in contact with Together Youth in order to organise a meeting and I look forward to supporting their initiative by entering a team or two in their upcoming ‘5-A- Side Charity Beach Football Tournament’.”