GCAB has introduced an additional telephone line to encourage people to call for digital support.

Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau knows that mastering the skills to access information via the internet is a vital part of everyday living.

'This is now more relevant than ever before due to the current coronavirus pandemic.' explains their statement.

'It is therefore increasingly important for people to have digital access and have the skills and confidence needed to live an included and independent life. This will enable them to keep in contact with loved ones, shop online, check information, carry out online banking and pursue hobbies.' 

'People not using the internet might find it increasingly difficult to engage with public services and the community and may miss out on opportunities that offer to improve their lives going forward.'

'There are ways you can get help and advice to help you become more experienced with technology and develop new skills that will benefit you with new products and services. GCAB has a bank of volunteers willing to engage, support and encourage people to develop their digital skills and gain confidence.'

'Additionally if you need any help in downloading or filling in any form, or need guidance with letter writing we can assist via our telephone and online services.'

The new telephone line will be manned by computer literate volunteers every morning from 9am to 12pm as from Monday the 12th October. 

Alternatively if this time is not convenient, please call 20044881 to arrange an appointment, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.