The Cairns Cup, aka 'The Billy' is a bi-annual competition organised by British Inclusive Golf, for golfers with a range of disabilities and with participating teams from Europe and the USA.

Last week to tie in with Gibraltar National Day, CEO and Tournament Director Ian Halliwell visited the Rock to discuss potential sponsorship for 2021, support for Gibraltar’s disabled golfers and a host venue for 2029.

San Roque Golf Club has long been associated with the development and support of Gibraltar’s golfers and have agreed to sponsor a hole at the 2021 Cairns Cup and a 3 man team of disability golfers from the Rock to participate in the Celeb AM team event and the Golf Trust Skills Day.

Andy Ramage the Assistant Golf Coach for the Rock’s Special Olympics team and now the Gibraltar Liaison Officer for the Cairns Cup said  "San Roque Golf Club have been so supportive over the years, we can’t thank them enough.”

An offer in principal has been made to the San Roque club to host the 2029 event. CEO Halliwell is confident the weeklong festival will be a fantastic event at such a prestigious location.

Finally, as part of the Cairns Cup ethos, Halliwell has announced specific longterm support for disabled golfers on Gibraltar.   “Obviously there are no natural golfing facilities on the Rock and the tie in to San Roque does facilitate opportunities for those able to travel but during the Covid19 crisis, this has been difficult  and attracting those unable to travel to the opportunities available has not been possible for Andy and his team. We have decided to fund a scheme whereby facilities are available on the Rock, by way of our introductory starter packs, fun golfing darts board and a driving range tent, all of which will remain with Andy on the Rock."  Andy believes these will allow him to introduce golf to many more people of all disabilities and allow the better golfers a regular training aid without the need to travel.

Halliwell adds “Gibraltar golfers have a record of success at the Special Olympics and we hope these aids will continue this success but more importantly produce a player who will represent Europe in a future Cairns Cup.

Halliwell hopes that by actually placing a Disabled Golfing package like this on the Rock and with the Cairns Cup invitation to 3 disabled golfers it may receive more offers of sponsorship from businesses on the Rock.     

A variety of Packages are available, ranging from supporting the Gibraltar players with gear to becoming involved in the Cairns Cup itself.

For further information regarding all sponsorship, please contact Kevin Booth, the Cairns Cup Team Europe Captain and the Development Director for Logistics & Planning  for the Cairns Cup CIC Ltd.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special Olympics Gibraltar Golfers Julian and Nicholas - Silver Medalists
Special Olympics Gibraltar Golfers Julian and Nicholas - Silver Medalists