Members of Dolphin’s Youth Club, aged 16-19 years old, have recently returned from an educational and cultural experience in Krakow, Poland.

The youth trip was a culmination of a Life Skills Project which commenced in October 2018; in which members were encouraged to develop independence and employability skills through the planning and fundraising of an educational trip to Europe.

The group opted for Krakow after researching historical European destinations and wanting to learn more about the atrocities of WW2. Members planned and delivered varied fundraising events, and worked as a team to develop an itinerary within their budget.

Whilst in Krakow, the group experienced an emotional, guided tour of WW2 camps; Auschwitz and Birkeneau, and visited the Jewish Quarter, Ghetto and Schindler’s Factory.

In addition, members enjoyed exploring the world famous salt mines in Wieliczka, they discovered the old town whilst taking part in a murder mystery activity, and tasted some of the local cuisine.

Participants are very grateful for the opportunity, and would like to thank the Gibraltar Youth Service as well as local businesses, community members, friends and family who supported and contributed to their fundraising events.

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