The Gibraltar Youth Production Team (GYPT youth project) have recently returned from a cultural photographic trip in Barcelona.

To add to their learning experience, the group of 8 young people were also heavily involved in the trip’s coordination, from choosing the location, arranging accommodation, travel needs, excursions, as well as various fundraising activities over a period of 12 months (which included offering portraiture to dancers, families and individuals) to help finance the same.

Mark Galliano, accomplished dance photographer, attended a GYPT session to share his skills and tips with the team in preparation for their photography dance fundraiser. In addition, Stephen Hermida, from the Photographic society, shared his travel photography experience and tips on how to prepare for a photographic trip.

The Barcelona cultural experience also saw the GYPT team immersing themselves in the wider surrounding areas of Barcelona, on what became one of their favorite days, involving a day trip to Girona and then Figueres to visit the Dali Museum.

Upon their return, the young people prepared an installation piece (a rubix cube inspired piece) showcasing their favorite images of the trip. The installation piece was presented to family and friends as part of this year’s Rags 2 Riches showcase (a fashion showcase held at the Gibraltar Youth Centre in Line Wall Road, for the Rags 2 Riches summer participants).

The Cube will also be exhibited at the Gibraltar Photographic society’s annual competitive exhibition at the Gustavo Bacarisa gallery at the end of this September. The society have also been kind enough to judge and give feedback to the young people on their images. They will be selecting a winner and announcing it on the opening night of their exhibition.