Government is introducing a new beach flag, Purple Flag, which means that jellyfish and/or other dangerous marine life are in the area.

When potentially dangerous ocean animals have been spotted, the public will see a purple flag. These flags fly either on their own or with other coloured flags. If the purple flag is flying, the water is not closed for swimming, but extreme caution should be used and a close watch should be kept for dangerous animals.

As a reminder to the public, the other flags have the following meaning:

Yellow Flag

When ocean conditions are calm or moderate, but not life-threatening, users will see a yellow flag on the beach. It is safe to swim.

Red Flag

Red flags warn swimmers of severe hazards in the water. When this flag is up, the water is closed to swimming, as conditions are too dangerous for even the strongest swimmers.

Government have said they would like to remind the public to pay careful attention to the beach flags when at the beach. The flags and their corresponding colour scheme are there to advise users as to the safety and state of the sea.

'Bathing is always at your own risk but understanding and heeding these coloured flags keeps you safe in the water and will help users to have a more enjoyable experience at the beach. A flag flying also denotes that lifeguards are on duty.'