Government and the Gibraltar Health Authority have today announced that a General Practitioner with Special Interests will be starting work at Bruce’s Farm from 30 May 2018.

Dr Chimene Taylor is a highly experienced and well trained local GP, who has recently returned to Gibraltar. She has Royal College of General Practitioners training in alcohol and substance misuse, which is the highest level of recommended UK qualification for a GP working in substance misuse management.

Dr Taylor is already providing excellent general patient care in the Primary Care Centre (PCC), and will also be working closely with the Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Rehabilitation Services to significantly improve medical care and recovery from substance and alcohol addiction. She will dedicate one morning a week to working at Bruce’s Farm for general medical care for residents and will also be providing a community detox service to clients from her medical clinic in the PCC. This aspect of her role will be invaluable in continuing care for those who have completed a programme at Bruce’s Farm and will also provide confidential detox care.

The Director of Primary Care, Dr Krishna Rawal said: “It is entirely my intention to create a far more comprehensive level of primary care to provide the truest sense of community care for all of Gibraltar. This involves recruiting GPs with Special Interests in areas such as alcohol and substance misuse so we can care for a part of our community that perhaps does not access care as easily or as effectively as others.”

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Honourable Neil F. Costa MP added: “The recruitment of a GP with Special Interest in alcohol addiction and substance misuse is an excellent example of how my Ministry and the Gibraltar Health Authority is working in close collaboration with other Ministries to serve our community in the best possible way. I am extremely proud of all my GPs, who provide a truly excellent service to this community. By developing specialist skills, they are able to show how adaptable and crucial a General Practitioner is as part of any healthy and well cared-for community. I am eager to encourage all health care professionals to develop higher in specialist interests, in order to progress further in their careers, and to always strive for the highest standards of healthcare.”