As a result of the Governments recent announcements in respect of the recently focused employment strategy and the launch of the Careers’ and Employment Development Service offered by the Department of Employment, in conjunction with the Department of Education, the Government have announced that at least 50 care worker vacancies have been identified with a local care services provider.

The Ministry of Business and Employment and the Department of Employment are working closely to identify suitable and interested candidates from the Registered Unemployed list to fill these vacancies. The Ministry of Business and Employment, in conjunction with the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) and Elderly Residential Services (ERS), are encouraging individuals to carefully consider this very gratifying vocation. The characteristics of the post include the caring of senior citizens. Due to the nature of the work involved, which would include the personal and direct care of patients, all applicants need to be vetted by the Royal Gibraltar Police. Successful applicants will undertake training with the contractor.

The Ministry of Employment, the GHA and Elderly Residential Services, together with the Government’s approved care services provider, will be holding open days during the week commencing 25 July at the Department of Employment to promote the vacant positions in question. Further, the Employment Service’s Employment Counsellor will deliver workshops with the aim to prepare the candidates for their respective interviews. Candidates will be given guidance on various aspects of the interview, including information on the job’s requirements. Mock interviews will also be undertaken. The workshops will take place on the 3 August.

The Minister for Business and Employment, the Hon Neil F. Costa MP said: “I really wish to stress the importance of carers in our community and as a burgeoning profession. Family members who need care, may have, years ago, been taken care of by close relatives. With both parents now working in full time employment, it is sometimes simply not possible for family members to provide full time care of elderly relatives.. The role of carer, therefore, whether domiciliary or at a residency, is of the greatest importance to our community. I fully understand that this vocation is very demanding and that the hours are long, but all satisfying careers are demanding and the job satisfaction of personally helping another human being, I am sure, cannot be replicated in many other working environments.

The Minister for Health, the Hon John Cortes MP said: “It is a fact that that people’s life spans have increased, but the age of retirement remains the same. This means that the older generation require more care than ever before. The role of the carer cannot therefore be underestimated. It is in growing demand and set to increase. It is also important to note that this vocation offers potential career progression and can open the door to other careers. For the person who may not necessarily be academically minded, this career, in my view, is a great opportunity.