Dear Editor,

RE: Sir Simon Hughe's statement on 14th April

I was very glad to have heard Sir Simon Hughes say in his address to the people of Gibraltar last week “I have always wanted there to be way for Gibraltar’s voice to be heard in the UK WHICH i HAVE CONSTANTLY ARGUED MYSELF”.  He was of course referring to his view that Gibraltar should have Representation in Westminster. Notice that he should the words “I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED”.

Sir Simon Hughes, a friend of mine for many years, was no doubt recalling how he and many other MPs, like Andrew Rosindell loudly supported Gibraltar when the Enfranchisement Bill went to the British Parliament proposing that Gibraltar should be able to vote with Britain in the EU Elections as a Region of the UK.

With him, supporting Gibraltar were other MPs like Dennis Turner, Andrew MACKLEY, Andrew Rosindell, Linsdsay Hoyle, Andres Flook, Tim Loughton, D Ruffley, Geraldine Smith, Acting Attorney General, William Cash and David Heath and several others. During their various speeches on the 10th December 2002 they all vigorously upheld the view that it was about time that Gibraltar had its own voice in Westminster. I wrote several articles and letters in this Newspaper bringing this history fact to the notice of the people of Gibraltar.

For the last four years our Movement, “GIBRALTAR IN WESTMINSTER MOVEMENT has held several meetings with the GSLP/ALLIANCE leaders and we have outlined this concept of Representation In Westminster as the means to correcting a Parliamentary Deficit, where Gibraltarians as Full British Citizens have no say in their Mother Parliament whilst retaining the level of Self Government that we enjoy today.

Gibraltar should see the security that this would give Gibraltar and also the advancement in our Democratic system should we advance in this direction.

Past Gibraltar leaders have shied away from these proposals for several reasons, one of them being that some leaders have had hidden agendas or ulterior political plans or motives and Representation in Westminster would interfere with these policies.

Those wishing to join the Gibraltar In Westminster Movement should write or call Joe at

58009064 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Joe L Caruana MBE