FULL NAME:  Jeslyn Ferrary
AGE:      24    
STAR SIGN:  Pisces

HOBBIES & INTERESTS:  Singing and music are my biggest passions. Over the years, I have been involved in several choirs and am currently part of an adult choir in the Gibraltar Academy of Music and Performing Arts. I have also been singing with the band ‘Soulmates’ since last year. Additionally, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and keeping fit through regular exercise and sport.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN:  English & Spanish.

AMBITION (ACADEMIC/PROFESSIONAL):  I am proud to be a teacher as I find that it is a job which is extremely gratifying. I wish to continue to develop my skills as a teacher, grow within my profession and aspire to move into more senior educational roles in the future.

YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY:  Having a busy schedule means spending time with my loved ones is extremely important to me. My perfect day would probably involve going for a relaxing, long drive with my family whilst listening to my favourite music, having a successful shopping spree and eating at my favourite Thai or Italian restaurant.

WHAT DO YOU MOST LIKE ABOUT GIBRALTAR:  Gibraltar is a safe and harmonious multicultural society. Our bilingualism, traditions and ways of life are very unique, bringing together the best of various cultures in a way which makes us very special as a community. I believe that the way in which we come together and unite in times of need, is a great show of the sense of family and pride that we enjoy in our everyday lives.

WHY HAVE YOU ENTERED THE PAGEANT:  Entering Miss Gibraltar is something that I have thought of for many years but have kept to myself as I have never felt confidents enough to take on the challenge. However, over the years I have seen how beauty pageants go beyond just looks, taking into account intelligence, persona and inner beauty. I therefore hope that it will be an experience which will help improve my self confidence. Participating in a catwalk or photo shoot will be completely new to me so I am particularly looking forward to getting started with our training.

WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE MISS GIBRALTAR:  Being Miss Gibraltar would be a true privilege given that over the years, winners have been looked up to by many within our society as role models. As Miss Gibraltar, I would seek to further affirm that beauty goes beyond looks, proving this by following in the footsteps of past winners, working hard towards helping charities and the less fortunate as an ambassador and representative of our amazing society. Being able to represent Gibraltar at an international level would be something which would give me great pride. This is something that I believe all of Gibraltar shares in common, as was best proven when we had our very own Miss World.


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