Memorandum of Understandings have been signed by the Gibraltar Digital Skills Academy and with two technology providers, Comtact and Blands Group.

Government says it believes it is essential for the Academy to foster meaningful partnerships with the digital sector which contribute so much to Gibraltar’s economy and growth. These MOUs will ensure they play an intricate and active part in developing the skills which the current job market requires. It is no secret that skilled individuals such as programmers and technical support are in high demand and initiatives such as these will have a major impact in delivering the much needed skills in this sector.

Both companies are committing the following to the Academy and its attendees:

• Training plans, examinations and certifications.

• Tuition and support during training sessions held at the Academy

• Career advice

• Oversight into technology market updates and industry trends

• Access to the latest Cyber software solutions for test, R&D and training purposes

• Attack simulations

• Live environment training with hands-on practical use of services

• Opportunities (work placements and internships) for selected Academy graduates.

Minister for Minister for Digital and Financial Services, the Hon Albert Isola, said: “This Academy is a wonderful example of what Gibraltar can do when we work together in a Private-Public Sector partnership. We will upskill our youngsters into an area where there is much demand, and where more and more of our young people will be finding their careers in the future.”

Founding Trustee of the Gibraltar Digital Skills Academy, Stewart Harrison, said: “We are thrilled to be signing these MOUs. Not only do they show the commitment from the private sector to help develop digital skills in our attendees, it also opens doors to experience and employment which is so valuable in the job market. The Academy’s vision has always been to find partners within the technology sector who can help close the skills gap. Indeed, it has been at the centre of our blueprint which has delivered so much success over the past seven years.

“Bland Group bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Academy in computer programming, a field well known to be hard to find people with the relevant skills. Having led CSS sessions last year, this year they will be delivering training sessions and certification in Python and JavaScript, two very common computer languages used throughout Gibraltar’s technology sector.

“Comtact bring their already established UK based Cybersecurity academy into ours. Offering training, certification and upskilling in Cybersecurity, we look forward to this exciting partnership. Comtact have already taken on one local student on as an intern, who will soon start his journey to acquiring professional qualifications and become a certified practitioner in the field, with Comtact supporting him at every step using the Academy as his training base. We will see more come through the Academy in the coming years.

“Having signed our first MOU this month with CyberSecurityChallange UK, it is the Academy’s intention to continue working with HM Government to facilitate more partnerships with the private sector who will help steer Gibraltar to meeting the skills needed and ensuring better jobs for our community.”