A strengthening Southwesterly wind is expected overnight, ahead of an approaching cold front, with winds gradually picking up to become strong to Gale force later in the night and for Monday morning.

Mean speeds are expected to increase to 22 - 32 knots with gusts reaching 40 - 45 knots. Winds will be strongest towards the South District and over Southern Gibraltar waters, where isolated gusts may reach 45 - 50 knots, before veering Westerly through Monday morning and beginning to ease towards midday. Outbreaks of rain will also spread in across the area, turning heavy towards morning and with a risk of thunder.

Travel conditions will become difficult at times later in the night and for the Monday morning rush hour, with the strong winds and heavy rain giving some poor weather conditions, with standing water or the risk of local flooding possible on prone roads.

Definitions of the trigger criteria for a Weather Advisory are:

Lower-Tier - Weather Advisory definition:-

Gale - Sustained mean wind speed 34 to 40 KT and/or Gusts 45 KT or more

Heavy Rain > 25mm in a 6hr period and which could give a risk of Flash Flooding, but < 50mm.