The Gibraltar Health Authority has now taken affirmative action as a precautionary measure, to protect patients and staff during this phase of containment of the COVID -19 virus (Coronavirus) in order to prevent potential spread.

With effect from 10 March 2020, all GHA clinical teams have been instructed to commence a phased reduction in non-essential, non-urgent and routine services as a preparation for an anticipated increase in cases of COVID-19 infections. All non-essential and non-urgent services including surgery, are being reduced this week with a view to being stopped by the end of the week.

All urgent and emergency surgery, essential appointments and services will continue as normal, including all urgent cancer cases which will NOT be affected.

This may mean that routine surgeries and treatments, outpatient and GP appointments including follow ups, and any non-essential services may be postponed, or carried out by telephone or from an offsite location.

These measures are to ensure that any asymptomatic patient attending the GHA does not inadvertently, and through no fault of their own, infect the many vulnerable patients and healthcare workers within the hospital who we must protect.

These plans will constantly be reviewed and updated. Any changes will be communicated in further Press Releases.

Patients will be informed if or when there are any changes to their scheduled appointments.