Lobby group No More Shame (NMS) launches as registered Charity number 309 on Friday in a celebratory BBQ and night of music at Rock on the Rock Club.

The event starts at 9pm and all are welcome.

NMS stands broadly for the advancement of sexual health education and reproductive rights, the legalisation of abortion being one of the issues the charity has been fighting for. To this end, NMS is heartened to see an amended Crimes Act, providing for abortion locally and safely within the GHA, and will soon start its ‘YES Campaign’ for the March Referendum to enact the Act. 

NMS applauds the MPs who, during the debate on the Crimes Act Bill, publicly gave their support to choice, equality, women’s rights, bodily autonomy and healthcare. In the run-up to the Referendum, the new charity looks forward to working with the different Government Departments in order to help develop a supportive, reproductive healthcare service.  This involves working on an informed, evidence-based abortion service and support for the GHA’s Health Promotion team and Well Person Unit through promoting safe sex and use of contraception, which NMS believes should be free. 

In their statement, a spokesperson for NMS said, "Keeping the conversation real, honest and open is important when educating our young adults on consent, sexual identity, respectful relationships and responsible sexual activity; nothing should be unspeakable. NMS is happy to work with the Departments of Education and Social Care on this front."

NMS says it is grateful for the support it has received from the community and is available to work with interest groups and youth organisations to meet its aims.

"Vote YES at the Referendum!"