Liam Gallagher will be playing the Main Stage along with his band, on Saturday 7th September 2019.

He has recently been signed to Warner Bros with a song that he wrote himself, 'Bold'. He went on to write a whole batch of songs which he demoed with a multi-instrumentalist called Dan McDougall in London before he started to meet producers and co-writers.

"Warner Bros said to me, 'Are you up for a bit of co-writing? I was, like, 'never done that before. Why not?'"

He flew out to LA, met a few, and hit it off with Greg Kurstin. "Greg Kurstin played me a few ideas, we had a chat, swapped some ideas, sorted it out and before you know we had some more songs. I'm as surprised as anyone that it worked, but the songs we did are top."

These songs include Liam's first single as a solo artist, ‘Wall Of Glass’. 

He will be playing all the Oasis favourites during his set at Gibraltar Calling. "I am ready. I'm more than ready. I just wanna get out amongst it again and show everyone what they've been missing. I thought someone might've come along to try and sort it out while I was busy doing nothing, but no. No one. So I guess it's all down to me...again."

The rocker will also be launching a feature-length documentary in Cinemas this June called 'As it Was'  which sees Gallagher return to his childhood home and recall the rise of Oasis.

This year the event will move to the new stadium at Europa Point Sports Complex in Gibraltar and will take place over the weekend of Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September 2019. Gates will open each day at 4pm.

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