Governor’s Meadow First School held a Walk-A-Thon on Wednesday 15th May at Commonwealth Park. The Walk-A-Thon forms part of the school’s ongoing Active and Healthy Initiatives.

The whole school community including parents /carers were invited to take part and walk laps with pupils and GMFS staff around the park enjoying breaks between laps as and when needed.

In exploring different forms of exercise to keep healthy, pupils identified walking as a form of exercise that almost everyone in the community can take part in. “The idea then catapulted into exploring ways of staging a walking event for the whole school community,” explained Headteacher Fiona Ferro. Commonwealth Park immediately sprang to mind linking exercising around the park whilst appreciating nature around us.”

Including walking as part of a routine fitness plan will get your heart pumping and your muscles working“ added Mrs Ferro. ”There is no better way than to encourage the love of walking than to involve the whole school community whilst also reducing our carbon footprint. The school community also raises funds annually for the GBC Open Day and will once again be raising monies for our local community in our local park in the centre of town.

Governors Meadow pupils have been exploring their understanding of healthy living throughout the last two academic years spearheaded by Deputy Headteacher Mr Latin and the teaching community. This has been accomplished in different ways in classroom activities where pupils have explored different ways we can all keep healthy. Governor’s Meadow initiatives have included parents involvement in school as part of their child’s learning. Parents/ carers have joined their children in Zumba, HIIT and Circuit Training sessions where both parents and children have exercised together to achieve a healthy body ; a catalyst for further healthy family activities.

GMFS are presently involved in a Project Based Learning (PBL) Initiative exploring ways in which the school can become more environmentally friendly. Following pupils’ learning, understanding and suggestions, the Walk-A-Thon featured pupils using refillable water bottles and the use of biodegradable cups. Saccone and Speed generously supported the event by providing the school with water.

 “Today’s Walk-A-Thon is the culmination of this year’s hard work by everyone, both in school and home and it epitomizes the ethos of the school where we strive to better ourselves by working together” explained Deputy Headteacher Mr Latin.

GMFS will be continuing with its environmentally friendly initiatives such as continuing to encourage the use of refillable water bottles and promoting reusable Plastic Mondays where food for snacks and lunch are brought in reusable containers. The school’s next initiative is promoting Traffic Free Tuesdays encouraging as many members of the school community to walk to and from school.