The public pools at Camp Bay will be emptied during the night of this coming Sunday 8th July in order for required repair works to be carried out during Monday 9th July.

The Department of Environment and contractors, will be working and doing their utmost to have the pools operational again by Wednesday 9th July.

Unfortunately the damages that need to be addressed are both directly and indirectly caused by acts of vandalism and improper use. Further to this, the large pool had to be closed temporarily during two consecutive days this week due to fouling.

The Department appeals to the community, and urges members of the public to take good care of the facilities provided and to abide by both written guidelines, expressed on the existing signage, and that which may be provided by the duty personnel, including lifeguards.

It is sad to see damage due to vandalism so early in the summer. The public’s assistance in this matter is invaluable and will go a long way to help to maintain our existing facilities in the best possible condition for everyone’s enjoyment, with as limited inconveniences as possible.