Students received their A-Level results today at the Gibraltar College, Westside and Bayside Schools. As usual, results were issued as from 8am to give students every opportunity of securing their University place.

The overall pass rate was 92%, slightly down on last year, while pass rates in some subjects were considerably higher than last year. Overall, results have remained consistently above 90% for many years.

Worthy of mention are the 10 Gibraltar Scholars, who have attained three As or above. It should be remembered that these results remain provisional pending some re-marks which may well result in increases for individual subjects. The Government have announced that they will this year support and fund requests for remarks which enjoy the support of the Department of Education. This is an exception from the normal policy due to reports of a lack of consistent moderation which have emerged in the UK press in the past weeks. Re-marks will help to ensure that students who appear to have been downgraded from their expected grades can challenge their grades where appropriate.

The Department of Education, as well as teachers in schools, are on hand to advise, support and provide guidance and assistance to all students, both those who have secured a place at University and those who may need to continue to seek one through the clearing process or who will now be looking at other options.

Minister for Education, the Hon John Cortes, congratulated both students and teachers on their hard work and efforts.

Minister Cortes added: "Traditionally, to the media and the public, ‘results day’ has been a day for statistics. But really, it is a day for the students; a day when they will be elated, seemingly with their dreams about to come true, or disappointed, when they might feel lost and upset. It is the individual young people who are the centre of today’s activity. I share the joy of those who have done so very well, and I encourage those who have not, to look positively to the future, as new and greater opportunities certainly lie ahead for all of them. And I look, not just to the teachers and support staff in our excellent schools, but also to the parents and grandparents who so often suffer with their youngsters, and I ask them to keep on supporting and encouraging them wherever life’s journey now takes them.