The Gibraltar Health Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, has set up an anonymous telephone hotline for members of the community and staff members to report any area of concern or complaints about the local health service.

The number to call is 20007919, where callers will be able to record a short voicemail message after a recorded introductory greeting.

The Patient Advocacy & Liaison Service (PALS) will staff the hotline and will ensure that genuine grievances are investigated and resolved.

The hotline is also available for GHA staff members to report their concerns.

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Hon. Neil F. Costa MP welcomed the initiative. Mr Costa said: “I am confident that this hotline will become an important new facility for members of the public, and also for staff members, to highlight issues of concern or complaints on an anonymous basis. With the information that we obtain, PALS will be able to look into grievances and attempt to solve any issues that may otherwise remain under the radar.

The purpose of the hotline is to identify problems that do not surface through the normal channels of communication, which will allow PALS, together with the relevant GHA officials, to investigate matters. Our aim is to have an extra tool at our disposal to help us solve outstanding problems.

“In a small place like Gibraltar, sometimes people will not wish to publicly make complaints. The hotline guarantees individual anonymity, and members of the public or staff members will feel reassured that they can inform us of things so that we can tackle them and come up with solutions. The telephone hotline is wholly in keeping with our overriding aim of continuously striving to improve the quality of the health care that we provide to our community.