Clubhouse Gibraltar have announced that they have started a new Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) at Central Clinic. The job placement covers general receptionist duties such as answering the telephone and general office duties.

A spokesperson for Clubhouse Gibraltar said, "Maxine Goodall is extremely pleased to have been given this opportunity which has helped to boost her self confidence and giving her a purpose in life.  She has previous office experience and has also been instrumental in re-organising the reception work at Clubhouse. Her new employers are extremely pleased with her work."

"The goals of TEPs are to help members gain work experience, build up their confidence and self worth, establish current references, and thereby put them in a stronger position to fully rejoin society through paid work. Clubhouse members have a duty of responsibility to look after the placement to ensure the long term viability of the placement. Other Clubhouse members will be  eagerly waiting for the possibility of being selected whilst also gaining experience and training of a similar nature at the Clubhouse.  At the same time Employers are privileged to have the support of Clubhouse staff to provided job coverage and ongoing training on and off site."

Providing employment placements is one of the cornerstones of the Clubhouse model which is a restorative community for people who have a history of mental illness. Clubhouse philosophy is built on the belief that people can recover from severe mental illness to lead personally satisfying lives. Alongside this, a Clubhouse provides opportunities to help people develop to their full potential.

Clubhouse Gibraltar is continually looking for potential employers to discuss the possibility of a transitional or other employment opportunities.

"We are proud to offer a support structure that is second to none and are able to assist with matching member skills and personalities to different jobs. Additionally when the placement is terminated there will always be a suitable replacement available to give employers continuity, reliability and a seamless service."

If you would like to find out more about their Employment Program or discuss this further, Clubhouse have said they will be able to provide you with information and a presentation if desired. Employment is an essential part of recovery and wellness and they are asking the Community to be aware of their social responsibility.

'By enabling individuals to have an opportunity to work a few hours a week in a real employment you are helping them along the road to becoming productive citizens.'