The Disability Service organised a ‘Planning and Provision of Activities’ accredited course for 11 members of staff - comprised of care workers, session leaders and managers - from St Bernadette’s Resource Centre and Dr Giraldi Home during 27th-30th March 2017.

The training was delivered by external company Incare Services Ltd, in conjunction with the Disability Service internal Specialist Occupational Therapist / Strategy Coordinator and Management, to ensure that its content was specific to the programmes and therapeutic interventions that are provided to service users. The course is an Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC) accredited course and Incare Service Ltd is a specialist provider of training for staff working in care homes and other related facilities.

Staff completed five separate units and an additional supplement unit for persons working with learning difficulties. They were assessed on each unit and received an accredited certificate upon successful completion. An additional 19 members of staff received a certificate of attendance for the 1 day course delivered on 31st March.

The main focus of this course was on the importance of meaningful occupations, the value of therapeutic interventions and method of delivery, following service user assessment. This enables the Service to continue supporting staff on their professional development and provides them with additional tools and skills to continue supporting people with learning disabilities and maximising their potential.

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Hon. Neil F. Costa MP said: “As a Government, we are committed to further protecting and promoting the interests and welfare of persons with disabiliies, through the development of effective policies and the creation of training programmes for care staff at St Bernadette’s and Dr Giraldi Home. The introduction of these accredited courses reflects our deeply-ingrained ethos in respect of the professional advancement of our excellent and highly skilled employees. We are pleased to see how these training initiatives can be useful in enriching the standards of care for persons living with disabilities. Disability Services staff members will now be better equipped and better trained to deliver their sessions at their respective centres.