The Gibraltar Mental Welfare Society will be holding a public meeting on Monday 3rd April, at the John Mackintosh Hall. The Society invites service users, family of service users, and anybody else who has an interest in mental health, to attend.

The aim of the meeting is to get as much feedback as possible about the experiences of people regarding the provision in place for those with mental health problems.

This would include provision in the new facility OV, and services in the community at large.

"This will help us to continue the process of recording the community's views on relevant matters, and to see whether any improvements have been noted since our last survey in 2015. We are interested in establishing what individuals feel is working well about the present system, and how they would like its provision enhanced. We urge people to come and discuss the matter openly so that we can move forward on this front."

The meeting will be held in the Charles Hunt room, at 6pm.