The next in the Gibraltar Museum’s lecture series held in collaboration with the Gorham’s Cave Complex and the Gibraltar Scientific Society, will be held this Thursday 16th February at 7pm at the Charles Hunt Room, John Mackintosh Hall.

Gibraltar’s heritage has been acknowledged internationally for centuries, and with the Gorham’s Cave Complex becoming a World Heritage site in 2016 we have now joined the illustrious UNESCO family made up of 1052 natural and cultural sites.

Speakers Marcello Sanguinetti and Sue Davies will take the audience on a journey round the World’s rich heritage through space and time, to look at the family that Gibraltar has joined and to examine the wondrous but sometimes also fragile World Heritage sites.

From the Taj Mahal and the Great Barrier Reef, to the remains at Palmyra, Kathmandu and Machu Picchu their illustrated talk will look at the many positives for communities in working together to manage our environment sustainably. But culture and heritage can often be the first casualty in changing and challenging times.

The lecture is open to the public and is free of charge.