Scams are cruel crimes that damage confidence and at worst torment the lives of victims and their families. 

Scams Awareness is an important part of the fight-back.  It aims to give people the skills and confidence to identify scams, share experiences and take action by reporting suspicious activity.

Citizens Advice is leading activities throughout the month of July as part of scams Awareness Month.  The efforts of bureaux during Scams Awareness Month are vital because they will help spread the message that scams can be tackled if people learn how to spot the signs.

Gibraltar Citizens Advice Bureau (GCAB) is urging people in Gibraltar to spread the word about scams and expose the tactics of fraudsters to protect others.

GCAB is launching Scams Awareness Month during July to help stop people falling prey to scams by following a three-step rule, get advice, report it and tell others about it.

Citizens Advice finds scammers are using a variety of tactics to get people to part with their case, with people losing money with different types of scam.

Scam methods include vishing, whereby scammer’s cold-call people in a bid to get their bank details, and offers of fake services, such as telling people their computer has a virus which they can fix remotely.

Investments scams carried the highest price tag, with people investing in fake shares and losing large amounts of money.

Citizens Advice is warning people to be on guard and watch out for the different methods used by fraudsters, from demands for upfront payments for services that never materialise.

Pili Rodriguez, Manager, Gibraltar Citizens Advice said:

Scams are not a minor blight, they heap misery on people and in some cases can lead to financial ruin.

“Fraudsters use sophisticated techniques to con people and because they vary their methods, it can be tricky to spot when something is a scam.  If you come across something that seems suspicious, seek advice so you don’t put yourself at risk.

“It’s vital to report scams and spread the word so we can clampdown on con artists and stop others falling into the same traps.

1)  CAB encourages the public to subscribe to the RGP facebook page and the twitter handle where advice is issued periodically under the Operation GibWatch banner.

2)  CAB also encourage the public to familiarise themselves with the 40-page RGP publication "Your practical guide to basic cyber safety" which can be viewed and/or downloaded from the RGP website

3)  CAB advises anyone who thinks they may have fallen victim to financial scam to contact the Economic Crime Unit by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Tel 20072500.















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