Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar has announced that Gibraltar’s first hybrid taxi is now in service.

Hybrid vehicles are highly beneficial to the environment as they have lower carbon dioxide emissions, use less fuel and release fewer exhaust emissions into the atmosphere.


Minister for Transport, Paul Balban MP, stated: ‘As the Minister responsible for Traffic and Transport, I applaud the taxi license holder and the Gibraltar Taxi Association’s efforts in working with Government to ensure that the general public receives an improved and environmentally-friendly service. I hope there will be a major shift in the purchase of hybrid vehicles in the not too distant future, especially as these vehicles perform at their optimum in heavily congested traffic. It is this Government’s policy to continue incentivizing the use of greener means of transport across the board, no less amongst Gibraltar’s fleet of public service vehicles’.

Minister for Environment, Dr John Cortes MP, said: ‘Hybrid vehicles are an effective way of reducing fuel consumption and emissions and so are beneficial to the environment and the pocket. I am very pleased to see the public service vehicles are adopting this technology and encourage it across the board’.