As part of the Department of the Environment and Climate Change’s Barbary Macaque Awareness Campaign, the Department will be holding an awareness day this Saturday between 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Piazza on Main Street.

The event is being jointly organised with Monkey Talk – Gibraltar who will also be taking the opportunity to carry out a ‘Monkey Survey’. The result of the survey will help assist the Department’s ongoing efforts to better understand the varying public perception toward the macaques and ultimately how we can best co-exist with them.
The event will also serve to showcase some of the day-to-day work carried out by the Department’s Macaque Management Team as well as the Gibraltar Veterinary Clinic. Staff members from the Department will be at hand throughout the event to provide general information and feedback. Members of the public are encouraged to visit the stall on the day to learn more about our Barbary Macaques, which are not only an asset, but also an inherent part of Gibraltarian culture. A number of activities are planned for the day and monkey cupcakes will be available!