The Spanish Government has today called for a resumption of bilateral dialogue between the United Kingdom and Spain on the sovereignty of Gibraltar.

Her Majesty’s Govt of Gibraltar reply to the Spanish Govt’s continuous insistent to their groundless claim to Gibraltar becoming a part of Spain is explicit enough in saying that “the sovereignty of Gibraltar is not a matter for discussion or negotiation with Spain. The United Kingdom has declared that the people of Gibraltar enjoy the right to self-determination and that we will never pass on to the sovereignty of another state against our wishes. The UK has also agreed not to enter into a process of negotiations with Spain with which Gibraltar is not content.
“This means that Spain's recently expressed hope for a resumption of bilateral UK-Spain talks on the sovereignty of Gibraltar is at best unrealistic and at worst raising false hopes. Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar will never consent to the United Kingdom entering into any process of talks, discussions or negotiations with Spain in respect of the Sovereignty of Gibraltar. We would wish to see Spain finally come into the twenty first century and abandon its medieval claim to Gibraltar and the unacceptable way in which it has recently aggressively pursued it.”