The people of Gibraltar have today welcomed The Earl and Countess of Wessex to the Rock.

During past Royal Visits, going back to that by Her Majesty the Queen, herself, on the occasion of the Royal Tour of the Commonwealth after her Coronation in 1953, Gibraltar has always risen to welcome members of the Royal Family.

The Gibraltarians have been extremely proud to wave their Union Jacks and taken to the streets to “wave and cheer” visiting Royals.

Her Majesty the Queen has served on the Throne for a record seventy years, the longest serving Monarch in the world and it is right and fitting that we honour her with all our hearts on this historic and unique occasion.

Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar has conveyed its immense satisfaction over the Royal Visit, which will enable the Gibraltarians to celebrate this historic occasion and pay tribute to Her Majesty the Queen.